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It can be daunting living in a world designed for non-vegans. Our workshops are designed to instil integrity in yourself and your relationships. We grow your communication skills to ensure a positive and productive experience with non-vegans - alongside providing you with tools to manage your triggers, to give you space to thrive.


Grow your confidence in speaking to members of the public, colleagues, friends and family. Our workshops develop your skills in approaching conversations about veganism and the accompanying issues. Building on positive and productive methods, our training will develop you into an effective and bold advocate.


To reach the ultimate goal of stopping animal suffering at the hands of humans as soon as possible, we need efficient, pragmatic strategies. Our workshops explore effective and creative solutions to build a path to a vegan world. We focus on the importance of grassroots organising, with the most up to date and effective approaches.


Online & Offline
Workshops & Talks


Anonymous for the Voiceless
Newcastle upon Tyne, Venue TBC
Wednesday, 17 April 2019 from 18:00 - 20:00

An introduction to the global movement Anonymous for the Voiceless and the Cube of Truth. Organisers from the north east Anonymous for the Voiceless chapters will cover all aspects of this effective form of activism; from aesthetics to outreach. This workshop is designed to familiarise and empower activists at the beginning of their journey in making a difference.


Cupcakes of Truth
York, Venue TBC
Monday, 15 April from 18:00 - 20:00

A powerful form of outreach; iAnimal submerges people into the life of farmed animals. Cupcakes of Truth pop up at universities and colleges, with the lure of free cupcakes for 4 minutes in virtual reality. Connor Thomas (Animal Equality) and Ben Thorne (Anonymous for the Voiceless) introduce and delve into simple methods of effective outreach with this innovative approach.


Newcastle Vegan Festival
Fenkle Street, Newcastle upon Tyne. NE1 5XU
Sunday, 9 June 2019 from 10:30-16:30

What the science tells us about how people change their lifestyles, and sometimes don't, and what you can do to help others and yourself live aligned with your values. Come hear Dr Alex Lockwood (vegan academic and author of The Pig in Thin Air), Leigh Venus (vegan activist and Minimalists, Newcastle) and Ben Thorne (Anonymous for the Voiceless, Vegan Night School) share what they've learnt from psychology, arts and practice in a fun, non-judgemental interactive session.

Cleethorpes Vegan Festival
Saturday, 18 May 2019 from 10:00-16:00
Memorial Hall, Cleethorpes, Grimsby Road. DN35 8AH

There are many ways to make a difference and it's easy to get involved. Anonymous for the Voiceless organisers Jessica Flower Bell and Ben Thorne introduce effective forms of activism, how rewarding it is and why it's important.



If you would like us to bring a workshop to your group, organisation, society, venue, etc. please get in touch. We do not charge.

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